Gary E. Gray

Graduated from the University of Massachusetts @ Lowell in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology.
Since June of 1991 worked for what was then STX and is now part of Raytheon (with an extended stint as part of Hughes Aircraft).
Prior to recieving a degree in meteorology worked at the Hughes/STX office out of Lexington, MA.
Most work during that period was a Hanscom, AFB.
During that period primary work was in cloud climatology, with the most important study done for NASA regarding the LANDSAT-7 satellite.
From June of 1993 to July of 2005, worked in Maryland (at the Suitland Federal Center and at the NOAA Science Center) on the GOES and ATOVS projects.
This work involves developing satellite derived products for the series of GOES satellites.
Primary work was on the GOES Atmospheric Soundings system.
Also performed substantial work on the ASOS Supplemental Cloud Product and the Thermal Gradient Winds.
Acted as Project Manager on the GOES and ATOVS contracts for NOAA/NESDIS.
In July of 2005 left Raytheon and spent a brief stint with ERT Corp, a small, but growing business.
Moved on for another brief stay at SGT. This is another growing firm and one of the best managed in the business.
Finally, in December 2005, exited the government contracting realm to head back to New England for an excellent opportunity working for UBS.
This web page, Millennium Weather, was formed in early summer of 1996, as a secondary endeavor.
Millennium Weather was originally intended to distribute TRANTECH tropical cyclone model data.
However, the model was in a test mode, so complete model analyses began to be issued.
This led to more comprehensive model discussions, which included a personal assessment of the given situation.
Prior to this, the discussions were posted to the newsgroup and to the wxobs-sne mail list.
On this newsgroup and mail list winter storm forecasts for the Northeast U.S. had also been traditionally posted.
This led to the Northeast U.S. Winter Storm Page section of Millennium Weather.
Due to conflict of interest concerns with new employment, in December of 2005 forecasting on Millennium Weather ceased.

For those interested, some more "personal" information:

Born and raised in New England; specifically in Rochester, MA and lived there for 21 years.
Rochester, MA is in Southeastern Massachusetts, a short distance off of Cape Cod (west of Wareham, MA).
Graduated from high school in 1989 and went on to University of Lowell (which then merged with U-Mass).
Moved down to Maryland after graduating from college, but still a New Englander at heart.
A big Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, and New England Patriots fan.
Played ice hockey since the age of about 3 or 4, but an auto accident stopped that from about ages 10 through 20. Played off and on since, including an extended period with the Washington Nationals, winning several tournament awards with them ("gold" in a New York tournament and "bronze" in an Amsterdam tournament).

Lived in the Butcher's Hill area of Baltimore, MD, a wonderful community. Then lived in Camp Springs, MD, just outside of D.C. Relocated for the new employment, now living in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Other interests include politics, theology, music and, of course, the weather.
Living with three big dogs (a doberman a dalmation and a Shar-Pei).

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