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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a conflict of interest with a new employer Millennium Weather can no longer provide forecasts, seasonal or storm-specific. We regret any inconvenience and plan to adapt this web site to provide other information and resources. Work is already underway for this and we hope to implement some of the resources during the early part of the 2006 hurricane season. Please check back.

A unique hurricane forecasting technique
available only from Millennium Weather

None of the products below is generated by, supported by, or connected to TPC/NHC forecasts!!
TRANTECH is sole property of Millennium Weather; most graphics herein are based on TRANTECH model data.
Also, the discussion herein reflects Meteorologist Gary Gray's analysis of the situation.
Please refer to all relevant TPC/NHC products for official information.

Latest Update - December 6th, 2005 10PM!

[Typical update schedule is once daily during active tropical weather, between 7 and 10PM Eastern time.]

**2005** Seasonal Forecast

Seasonal risk analysis

Model and Forecast Discussion

Comprehensive model and synoptic analysis

Millennium Weather Track

Official Millennium Weather Track/Intensity Map

TRANTECH Model Output

Raw TRANTECH track and intensity output

TRANTECH Strike Chart

Raw TRANTECH strike chart output

TRANTECH Description

Write-up on TRANTECH

Forecast Track Graphic

TRANTECH, Millennium Weather, and TPC track

Strike Probability Graphic

Strike probabilities automated from TRANTECH

Watch/Warning Graphic

Automated TRANTECH generated Watches/Warnings

Max Forecast Wind Estimate

TRANTECH maximum wind forecast estimate

Storm Surge Forecast

Surge forecast from TRANTECH

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Brief model/graphics description


TRANTECH Statistics 05/30/02!